Leadership and Team Development

Whether you are leading a business, a nonprofit organization, or a community group, it is easy to lose sight of your strengths and diminish the quality of your leadership and therefore your organization – oftentimes without even knowing it. Every leader has both core gifts as well as ways in which they struggle, but many people are not clear about how to live and lead from their strengths consistently, while effectively managing their weaker areas.

Reading helpful books, attending seminars, and taking classes can be useful tools for professional and personal growth, but actually living out of those insights in your day to day life and work can be much more challenging – and that is really where the rubber meets the road.

“Ben’s ability to work through conflict to reach durable solutions, even in highly-charged situations, is second to none. I have witnessed his extraordinary skill in crafting creative solutions to complicated problems over and over. I strongly recommend Ben as a…leadership coach and consultant.”

Leadership Development is designed to close that gap – to bring the learning in for a landing in your everyday experience. A well-trained and effective leadership coach and facilitator serves as a sounding board, accountability partner, creative collaborator, and trusted guide to help individual leaders and leadership teams understand themselves at a deep level, and from there identify how to lead others well, staying on track even in the midst of stress, complexity, and change so that the business or organization can flourish.    

At Benjamin Papa, LLC we take a holistic and creative approach to Leadership Development with an emphasis on creating powerful change for our clients that lasts and that leads directly to business and organizational success. 

“As an external partner to HR, Ben brings several high-value contributions. His legal background…gives him immediate credibility and executive presence…He brings groups together, works through dysfunction or discord and creates improved partnerships. I highly recommend Ben to decision makers and HR professionals looking for an external trusted partner.”


Leadership Coaching

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Leadership Coaching

Leverage the leadership effectiveness of individual leaders

Team Development

Harness and maximize the collective power of collaborative leadership

Workshops and Retreats

Dynamic and interactive learning experiences


Lead From Within

We invite you to explore our site further to see how we might be able to support you, your team, or your organization to grow and develop.


Benjamin Papa

Benjamin Papa has been working with the Enneagram for many years and completed a training certified through the International Enneagram Association (IEA).  We have led training workshops, facilitated staff retreats and board of director meetings, along with coaching individuals, all working with the wisdom of the Enneagram along with other tools focused on developing leadership skills, self-awareness, communication, collaboration, and conflict management.  We have has seen countless people and work groups transform the way they live, love, and work by applying the very practical teachings of the Enneagram to their lives.

We invite you to explore our site further to see how we might be able to support you, your work team, religious congregation, or other organization to grow and develop – leading from within.

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