In addition to coaching individual leaders, we work with leadership teams – staff groups, boards of directors, and executive teams – to facilitate their ability to lead well collectively.  

“Effective Collective Leadership is your [team’s] one competitive and strategic advantage that no one can copy.”

– Dave Schrader, Ph.D.

Management consultant and author Peter Senge notes, “The collective intelligence and performance of most groups is well below the average intelligence and performance of the members.”

Leadership researchers Anderson and Adams suggest “we usually dumb down when we come together.” This is true despite compelling research that clearly indicates that the collective effectiveness and intelligence of leadership teams is one of the strongest indicators of business performance. But truly working together in an optimal way can be elusive, and many teams end up settling for mediocrity – or worse.

“Ben is a natural at helping individuals, companies and organizations get to the heart of what matters to them and working through the obstacles that keep them from success. He leads people through the hard questions, conflict resolution, goal setting and so much more. Ben is a leader and a learner while being grounded in experience and confidence.”

The missing ingredients related to maximizing team effectiveness are often related to communication, collaboration, and conflict management. 

Team coaching and facilitation is invaluable in helping leadership teams (especially teams who have worked together for a long time or are new to working together) clearly see when and how they are missing each other and how to fully leverage what each individual member of the team brings to the organization so that everyone can flourish.

“I have been part of many small and medium sized groups throughout my career, and I would state emphatically that Benjamin Papa has the highest level of skill when it comes to keeping groups focused. In the midst of conflict, Ben is able to assess the heart of the problem and creatively offer practical solutions… Ben is truly gifted at the art of communication, and his calm, thoughtful presence helps others to express themselves in kind.”

We meet tailor our services to meet teams where they are, providing whatever they need to function optimally.  Examples of tools we use include the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team program,  the Leadership Culture Survey, and the Enneagram.  Team members come to understand why they do what they do in groups, as well as why their colleagues behave the way they do.  We provide a clear and compelling map of the group’s strengths and weaknesses as a whole, helping the group see and understand their culture and how it is serving them or not. This individual and collective awareness leads to more flow and compassion in the group, which translates to action steps that increase productivity, efficiency, and business performance.

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