Workshops and Retreats

Benjamin Papa leads training programs and workshops in Nashville, TN, and around the country, including multiple presentations for professional groups like the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and the American Bar Association.   Using a variety of dynamic, effective, and interactive formats, we offer a wide range of retreats and workshops for staff groups, boards of directors, executive teams, professional groups, and entire organizations.

Available Workshops:

  • Enneagram for Collaboration and Conflict Management
  • Enneagram for Leadership Development
  • Enneagram for Business Success
  • Personal Effectiveness on Teams

We are also happy to develop a customized workshop that is tailored to your organization’s needs.

For larger or more complex training projects, Benjamin Papa, LLC regularly partners with Julia McAninch, PLLC.  Julia is a psychologist, and she and Ben have worked and trained together since 2009.  Ben and Julia bring the unique synergy of their education and experience in conflict management and mental health to support businesses, organizations, and community groups to help them navigate conflict, communicate more clearly, and collaborate more effectively. 

I spent 25 years in financial services before becoming a therapist. This workshop was one of the most engaging and efficiently run workshops I have ever attended. The speakers were not only passionate about the topic, but they were excellent at delivering their message. Not a minute was wasted. I walked away with the knowledge I need to get started…!

A Note About the Enneagram

Clients regularly ask us to lead workshops and other programs based on the Enneagram. The Enneagram is an ancient wisdom system designed to help people understand themselves and others in their professional and personal lives at a deep and compelling level.

The system is unique from other assessments in that it is based on an individual’s core motivation, rather than his or her behavior.  When teams understand the various core motivations in the group, they better understand the dynamics at play in the team, which allows them to collaborate, communicate, and manage conflict much more effectively.

“I appreciated Benjamin Papa’s level of knowledge and expertise about the Enneagram. I found his approach to be very helpful…Some of my insights were brand new and others strengthened areas I was already building awareness around and affirmed I was on the right path. I would eagerly participate in future Enneagram offerings.”

“Ben’s Enneagram workshop was excellent! I learned important things not only about myself, but also about other people in my life. This information will help me to better understand my own actions and also those of members of my community.” 

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